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smiling female pharmacist at the pharmacyAt Tower Pharmacy, we recognize that our customers have unique needs and health requirements. We firmly believe that healthcare is about more than just medication – it’s about understanding your needs and how we can help you maintain and restore your overall health and well-being.

Our pharmacists place a high priority on being available and accessible to customers. When you choose Tower Pharmacy, you can rest assured that you are getting quality advice and assistance from trained professionals.

Our services include:

  • Transfer PrescriptionFeel free to transfer your prescriptions over to us. Simply use our convenient online form.
  • CompoundingThrough our compounding service, we prepare specialized medications to meet each person’s exact needs. Our compounding service is ideal for customers who need specific flavors, dosage forms, strengths, ingredients excluded from medications due to allergies, and those who are looking for medications that are no longer commercially available.
  • Generic PlanGeneric medications meet the same FDA standards with regards to safety, effectiveness, strength, and quality of their brand-name counterparts. The only difference is that generic drugs are more affordable. We offer generic plans to our customers who are looking to save some money on their medication expenses.
  • Vitamins and SupplementsWe offer a variety of vitamins and nutritional supplements to meet all of your needs. We offer vitamins for Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Men’s Health, Bone Health, Heart Health, Multivitamins and Minerals, Energy Products, Immune Support, Stress Control, and more.
  • ImmunizationsProtect your health and get the recommended immunizations for you and your family. We offer immunizations for Flu, Whooping Cough, Pneumonia, Chickenpox, Meningitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, Polio, Shingles, and more.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy & CounselingWe specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women of all ages. With this therapy, we can help re-establish your body’s hormonal balance and help relieve symptoms, such as hair loss, fatigue, sleep disturbances, mood swings, etc.
  • Hormone Level Screening KitsWe offer hormone screening kits which allow you to check your hormone levels regularly on your own. We offer many types of hormone screening kits so make sure to talk to our pharmacists for assistance.
  • Nutritional Education & CounselingOur pharmacists can work with you to assess your nutritional needs and identify areas where change is necessary so that you can achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • Local Home Delivery and ShippingCan’t come to our pharmacy to pick-up or purchase your medications? Don’t worry! We can deliver and ship your orders straight to your location. Simply fill out our online delivery form.
  • Long-Term Care PharmacyWe partner with institutions like nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential homes, and other care facilities and supply all of the pharmaceutical products and services that residents need, including medications and consultant pharmacy services.
  • Bubble PackingAlso known as blister packs, bubble packs contain designated sealed spaces or compartments for medicines that are to be taken at specific times of the day. Bubble packaging medications can help people keep track of their medicines better.
  • Competitive Cash PricesIn an effort to make quality services accessible to all those who need it, we offer all of our pharmaceutical products and services at prices that you can afford.
  • Diabetes EducationOur pharmacists can work with pre-diabetes or diabetes patients and provide guidance when it comes to nutrition, exercise, condition monitoring, and medication therapies.

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